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Sign our Declaration of Interdependence to say that you pledge to use your dollars & your votes to support problem-solving brands, politicians & politicians.

The Declaration of Interdependence

E Pluribus Unum…

We’re not all the same, but we are a family.

We don’t always agree, but we are not at war.

Declaration of Interdependence

From many, we are one, not in a melting pot, but a complex social fabric. 

In the spirit of caring, connection, and creation we embrace four principles:

1. No Enemies We work through our conflicts to find solutions.

2. No Denial We face facts, discuss our differences, and resolve them.

3. No Excuses We each do our part – every citizen, leader, and business.

4. No Delay We each take action together, now.

We are all in this together.

Our differences are part of us.

Together, we are whole.

Sign the Declaration of Interdependence!

Break the OUTRAGE machine

America needs a new operating model for our politics and media, an intentional model designed by a new generation of cross-partisan political pioneers, who possess the same passions for interdependence as our Founders had for independence.


We problem-solvers are DIFFERENT.

We're different from the warriors who get most of the attention in today's polarizing media. Warriors drive wedges between us, then build walls to keep us apart. We remove the wedges and break down the walls that separate Americans by racial, ethnic, and gender identity, and divide us over abortion guns, immigration, and climate.

We won't all agree, but we will declare our interdependence, and act on it.

E Pluribus Unum - from many, we are one.

Sign the Declaration of Interdependence!