The Social Solution

Social media and advertizing algorithms give media groups an open opportunity to use negativity and hate, triggering us to spread their messaging which further corrupts the algorithms.

Researchers at Cambridge University found that political posts from accounts criticizing or mocking an opposing political party or ideology received TWICE AS MANY SHARES as posts that uplifted or celebrated their own partisan views.

We Are Mobilizing Problem-Solvers

To place positive pressure on brands, advertisers & politicians to shift their focus from feeding the hate baiting algorithms, instead investing in positive messaging that focuses on solutions.

Pledge today to push brands & politicians to unite Americans around the power of problem-solving.

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This is how we unplug the outrage machine together.

We Need Your Voice

We want to reward brands and advertizers, and encourage them to do more to push positive messaging rather than relying on triggering people for sales and votes. 

Sign one of our pledges below to start actively participating in unplugging the outrage machine:

The Social Dilemma: Hate Sells

Social media can be a fantastic tool for connecting with amazing individuals, brands & organizations, becoming our main tool for staying up-to-date on current events.

But until we understand the systems-at-play which are driving the content we see, we remain vulnerable to manipulation.

Our Partners

Support our partners for being champions of the social solution. 

Bridge Alliance
living room conversations
Citizen Data
Bridge USA
Listen first
citizens climate lobby


We’re trying to hit 5,000 pledges by October.

512 / 5000

Pledge TODAY to be part of the SOLUTION to the social dilemma.

Share this with 10 friends & sign the pledge below, and we’ll be one step closer to building a better social and digital media experience for everyone.

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