Our Partner Program

In This Together is an organization that campaigns to end political dysfunction and create bipartisan climate solutions in post-COVID America. 


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Bill Shireman

Our Founders

Trammell S. Crow, the Republican environmentalist and political donor who founded EarthX, and Bill Shireman, an environmental policy innovator and founder of Future500, spearhead how to break the gridlock, unite the parties, and drive radical collaboration between unlikely allies to find solutions.

Why Partner
with In This Together?

Partnering with In This Together can help generate more traction for both of our organisations and promote common-sense solutions in the fight against climate change through the sharing of audiences.

Our missions are stronger together. When we support each other, when we help each succeed – we can reach our joint goal of saving our planet for future generations in a practical way.

WE are stronger together

Benefits of Our Partnership

Featured spot in our newsletter when you first join to announce the new partnership, and then a link to your organisation once every quarter.

Access our newsletter subscribers and social media followers with your campaign messages.

Collaborate with our growing list of local, national, and international environmental and political organizations.

Stay in communication with larger environmental and political organizations to make sure that local needs are considered and visible.

Be part of our partner newsletter where you’ll get insights into campaigns that are working, their wins, and get an opportunity to invite partners to join your upcoming campaign or initiative.

Access to our partners for collaboration opportunities, which include:
EarthX (in partnership with National Geographic)
Ma Oceans

Who is eligible to be a partner with us?

Organizations are eligible to be Partners if they:

Operate in the United States

Are willing to uphold our expectations of partners, including but not limited to maintaining regular communication with In This Together to keep needs and other vital information up to date. Please see “Expectations of Partners” below for more information.

What are the expectations of partners?

We ask that Partners:

Maintain timely communication with us.

Keep needs and organization information (such as changes to contact information, location, etc.) up to date.

Provide feedback by completing an occasional survey or evaluation to help us regularly improve our services to you.

Tell others about us! We do not charge Partners any fee for our services, however, we hope that Partners will play a part in helping spread the word about us. The farther our reach, the better able we are to serve your organization and other worthy causes. There are many ways to help us spread the word, such as:
- Follow us on Facebook
- Follow us on Twitter and Tweet about us
- Join us on LinkedIn
- Subscribe to and share our newsletter and blog
- Place our logo or a link to In This Together on your website
- Write a blog post about us or with us

Get In Touch!

Interested in partnering with us? Get in touch today at hello@InThisTogetherAmerica.org