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We don’t see red or blue. We see green. We visualize green money and a green planet coexisting. 

In This Together is a collection of Democrats, Republicans, and independents working to put environmental protection and energy innovation policies first by supporting bipartisan policies, leaders, partner organizations and most importantly, you, the individual voter.

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Our Philosophy

We want to enact real government change that is best for the people, planet and profit.

We believe that the planet needs to be our #1 priority alongside, with the help from and intertwined with capitalism. We want our future generations to be fed from our business innovations today, but we also want our children to have a planet they can grow and flourish with at the same time. Want to find out more? We’ve got a book about it.

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Our Leaders & People

Bill Shireman

A social entrepreneur, environmental policy innovator, and rare San Francisco Republican. With his passion, he brings together people from all sides of the political spectrum including capitalists, activists, conservatives, and progressives.

Trammell S. Crow

The co-founder of In This Together and founder of EarthX. EarthX is the largest annual exposition and forum showcasing initiatives, research, innovations, policies and corporate practices serving the environment.

The ITT Team

A unique collection of strategists, managers, designers, philosophers, volunteers, students who are across the generations and party affiliations ourselves. If we all can work together for the environment, you can too.

Our Partners

Join us. We share email lists, we tweet and #tag each other. We create content together, podcasts and take cute selfies together. We are blue, red, green and purple partners. We are leaders, creatives, public figures, massive organizations, non-profits, for profits and everything in between. We connect, network, give and work together to bring the planet first as always.

Our Investments & Work

Policies & Lawmaking

Where does our money go? We are working towards real policy change. We are about innovative policies to protect BOTH planet and profit. 

Individual Voter Community

Are you frustrated with both sides of the political echo chambers? We are your home. Want to take action because you believe in individual decisions? We call you a Solution Citizen. Many make a powerful one. By identifying yourself as a Solution Citizen, In This Together along with Citizen Data will be able to better understand just how many of you there are out there. With this hard data, we can show politicians that their people are ready to see a government that functions through compromise.

Partner Policy Collaboration

Got a policy you need help on? We got you. When you join us, you will gain access not only to our audience, but the other partner audiences. Alongside strategic policy change and planning let’s build you a following. Let’s craft podcast episodes, viral videos, Instagram challenges and twitter poetry together, for the planet. 

Support Us, Our Partners & Policies

Have money burning a hole in your pocket and want it to instead fill the hole in the Ozone? We can help with that burning desire. Donate today!

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