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We have been taught to distrust & hate each other.

This is the problem. We have been divided into two separate worlds. 

left & right

red & blue

Use your power.

The truth is, when we look, we find that we do agree and can solve any problem we face, together.

Pledge to use your consumer dollars and votes to support problem solving companies and leaders.

It’s easier than you may think to motivate an executive or politician to change their way.

We CAN find solutions. Together.

In September 2021, we supported Stanford University and NORC in conducting the largest deliberative poll in history – America in One Room: Climate and Energy. 

The results were inspiring. Not only do we agree on what the biggest issues are, we can actually find solutions that 70% of us support. Regardless of our political affiliations or where we live,  Americans want to solve problems together.

America in One Room: Climate and Energy

Let's solve problems. Together.

Our campaigns

Climate of Unity

When we see our friends, neighbors, and families experiencing wildfires and other extreme weather events, we all want to do something to ensure others don’t have to experience the same.

Natural disasters can’t see red or blue. Join us and let’s work together on solutions that we can all live with.

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Partners of Climate of Unity

These are some of the partners working In This Together for a Climate of Unity. We are combining their distinctive powers to get more done together than apart.

citizens climate lobby
rainforest trust
PADI Aware
berkeley earth
ma oceans

The Social Solution

On The Social Dilemma we learned about the devastating impact hate baiting media has on our children and society, causing division between us.

We need to re-learn how to connect authentically with each other so that we can make democracy real and start to tackle the biggest challenge – ensuring we have leaders that focus on solving problems rather than polarizing us for profit.

Partners of The social solution

These are some of the partners working In This Together on The Social Solution. We are bringing together their specialties so that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

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It’s time we got together around commonsense solutions.

Get the book authored by our co-founders Trammell S. Crow & Bill Shireman who have laid out the politically incorrect strategy for problem-solving on climate change and much more.