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We use our dollars & votes to effect positive changes in the brands we buy from, the politicians we elect, and the policies that will shape our future.

Climate of Unity

When we see our friends, neighbors, and families experiencing wildfires and other extreme weather events we all want to do something to ensure others don’t have to experience the same.

Extreme weather & natural disasters can’t see red or blue. Join us and let’s work together on solutions that we can all live with.

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The Social Solution

On The Social Dilemma we learned about the devastating impact hate baiting media has on our children and society in general by driving wedges between us.

We need to re-learn how to connect authentically with each other so that we can start to tackle the biggest challenge – ensuring we have leaders that focus on solving problems rather than polarizing us for profit.

Democracy Real​

Democracy is rigged… But maybe not the way you might think.

Systems like gerrymandering, closed primaries and dark money make our votes meaningless but we actually have the power change that.

Americans from BOTH parties can join forces to unrig democracy and ensure that future elections are fair & competitive.

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We’re working hard to do what we can to help promote positive systemic changes in our society. Sign our pledges to get involved in putting problem-solving over polarization today.

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The government, corporations, activists, and the people are failing to solve today’s most pressing issues like climate change. It’s time we got together around commonsense solutions.

Donate today and get the eBook authored by our cofounders Trammell S. Crow & Bill Shireman who have laid out the strategy for problem-solving on climate change and more.

Meet Our Partners

Our missions are stronger together. When we support each other, we help each other succeed and we can reach our joint goal of saving our planet & our democracy for future generations in a practical way.

Bridge Alliance
living room conversations
rainforest trust
Listen first
citizens climate lobby

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Meet the Team

Here are the folks working hard every day to put problem-solving over polarization. Interested in joining us? Get involved today!

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Hear From Our Thought Leaders

What is The Power of X?

In This Together is a group of over 40 non-profit organizations and over 2 million members, all dedicated to finding real solutions to the problems we face globally, both politically and environmentally. Polarization is tearing us apart and we are not getting enough done.

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How Can We Talk About Climate Change Across Political Lines?

Katharine Hayhoe, a Canadian climate scientist and evangelical Christian moved from South Bend Indiana to Lubbock Texas where she found herself in the middle of one of the most vast oil fields on Earth. She is now a climate policy professor and she sets out successful tactics for communicating the urgency of climate change across America’s political divide chapter by chapter.

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Where Redistricting Stands in 14 States

In next year’s elections and beyond, Republicans are maneuvering for a structural advantage. Democrats are attempting to get the most out of their limited clout, marginalized groups are pressing state authorities to increase their voting power, and lawsuits lurk ominously on the horizon.

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