The Social Dilemma Documentary 2020

The Social Solution

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The Social Dilemma Documentary 2020

100 million of us saw The Social Dilemma. We learned in disturbing detail how easily we can be manipulated to fear and hate one another.

For example, researchers at Cambridge University found that political posts from accounts criticizing or mocking an opposing political party or ideology received TWICE AS MANY SHARES as posts that celebrated their own partisan views

When we are purposefully triggered to spread negative messaging the algorithms become more corrupted, causing more division, making it seem impossible to find solutions.

But what if there is a better way?

WE have the power to use technology for good, emphasize hope and make our democracy real..


In September 2021, we supported Stanford University and NORC in conducting the largest deliberative poll in history – America in One Room: Climate and Energy

The results showed us two things

Democracy can work when we talk and deliberate together. 

We can solve in hours or days, complex problems that congress has failed to address in decades

The only way we can fix our democracy is to engage in democracy for real.

Living room conversations

We’re supporting groups that are bringing Americans together in 1000’s of small conversations, taking thoughtful deliberative democracy into our own hands

The results are empowering and enlightening. 

We need 5 million+ Americans to have that experience, prove that we are still Americans and can make democracy work. 

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Now it's your turn...


Learn how to utilize social media in ways that promote positivity and togetherness. We can collectively change the algorithms by amplifying messaging around problem-solving.


Work to heal society by connecting people across divides through guided conversations proven to build understanding and transform communities.

We Are Mobilizing Problem-Solvers

We’re putting positive pressure on brands, advertizers & politicians to stop feeding the hate baiting algorithms and invest in positive messaging that focuses on solutions.

Pledge today and join others like you that are In This Together for the sake of our democracy.

The Social Dilemma: Hate Sells

Social media can be a fantastic tool for connecting with amazing individuals, brands & organizations. It’s becoming our main tool for staying in contact with each other and up-to-date on current events.

But until we understand the systems-at-play which are driving the content we see, we remain vulnerable to manipulation.

Discover bipartisan solutions

Republicans and Democrats are already working together in the United States House of Representatives. The Problem Solvers Caucus consists of 58 members, equally divided between Democrats and Republicans, who are fostering bipartisan cooperation on key policy issues.

By Salud Carbajal –, Public Domain,

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