Empowering problem-solvers for change.

We need your help to run digital recruitment and education campaigns, to support and amplify our partner network, and to carry out the important work of facilitating sustainable cross partisan solutions to issues such as climate and the environment.

Our power has been stolen. Taken by political power brokers who auction your money to vested interests.

They’ve taken away our hope – replaced it with fear.  

Fear that democracy can’t work.  Fear that climate catastrophe is inevitable.  Fear that hate is too deep to overcome.  Fear that we’re victims, powerless to do anything to make our world better.  Because of “them.”  And anger – at them.

It doesn’t matter who you are – age, race, gender, political party.  You have the power.   

In This Together is a campaign to mobilize 5M Americans across many NGO partners to say “no” to fear, despair, powerlessness and self-victimization – and to use our power.  

We don’t need to rise up as a solid angry block of victims and demand that others change.  We have the power to make change happen, right now.  Our dollars and our votes.

We aren’t extremists on the far left or right.  We speak for the middle 70% – America’s common sense red and blue majority,   

Our weapons?

Hope. Money. Votes. And Love.
(You either gagged or nodded when I used that word.)

Bill Shireman, Co-Founder and Director of In This Together

Bill Shireman

Why right now?

Climate protection requires bipartisan support, period.

If we are serious about stopping climate change, invest right now in bringing conservatives aboard, as co-equal partners with liberals and progressives to protect life on earth.

Every $50 you commit recruits 10 new pro-climate conservatives to our cause.

Each with a weekly action they can take with partner NGOs to deliver a clear message to every Republican, Democratic, and business leader: be a climate problem-solver, or say goodbye to our dollars and our votes

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