The New Book by
Trammell & Bill

Senators, CEOs, donors, and activists explored how to end climate denial and demonization, and return the environment to its historical legacy as a bipartisan priority.

Defund Politics T-Shirt

Politics is an industry – it profits by keeping us voters at war, then extracting our money from vested interests, to keep them safe from us warring voters!  Let’s get our democracy back – and this cool t-shirt too!

$23.00 – $29.50

Vote for team earth t-shirt

Do you feel no party this November understands you? Well, planet Earth does. Vote for her. American made and sustainably sourced material.

$23.00 – $29.50

In this together 2024 white

Let’s just give up on 2020 – build forward with us for 2024. Place this sticker on your laptop or computer to start a conversation with other remote workers.

$4.00 – $4.50

Together 2024 Crop

The season’s trendiest garment – the crop top. It is also just as trendy to reach across party lines to solve our issues together. This top is tight-fitting but still incredibly comfortable.