Our Polling Activities

We're finding a path to net zero together.

This September, 700 Americans across the political spectrum will meet "in one room" to find bold effective climate solutions we can unite behind as a nation, from left to right.

Join us. Create a CLIMATE OF UNITY that unites the power of citizens across all divides to save the planet.

In September of 2019, America In One Room (A1R) (a project of Helena and the Stanford University Center for Deliberative Democracy), brought together a nationally representative sample of 526 Americans to deliberate on the issues expected to be important in the 2020 campaign.

The experiment demonstrated that even in this period of hyper-partisanship, Americans can reason together and change their views on contested and difficult issues, and through the process, experience reduced hostility and distrust toward others with different ideologies and partisan attachments.

Now again, under the leadership of Stanford’s Center for Deliberative Democracy, IN THIS TOGETHER is working with Helena Foundation, California Forward, The Greater Houston Partnership, and the Center for Houston’s Future, to launch a second and more ambitious phase of America in One Room, starting in September 2021 with the topic of climate and energy.

This will be a national, controlled field experiment shedding light on the path forward for climate change.

The results are meant to represent what the American people think about climate and energy and about what should be done to combat it if they have good, balanced information and the opportunity to engage with one another and weigh competing perspectives under good conditions for policy dialogue and reflection.This will be a national, controlled field experiment shedding light on the path forward for climate change.

climate of unity

The results will help show us all which pathways to Net Zero have the best chances of achieving public buy-in, and which proposals face greater resistance.

They will also help illuminate Americans’ fears and anxieties on this topic and what counterarguments are most persuasive.

This information will help us create a CLIMATE OF UNITY behind a transition plan to “Net Zero” that is a good match for Americans’ needs and priorities, and capable of inspiring robust and enduring trust and support.

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