Will Orange County be divided by political war?

In the next 12 months, power brokers are expected to spend over $100 million to sell us fear and hate, and spread outrage across the OC. 

Don’t Buy It

Right now, the OC is healthy and balanced.

Half of us lean right, half left.  We have diverse ideas and real political choice.

But that makes us a target, for strategists from both sides, the right and the left.

Orange County is the battleground each wants to win, to decide who controls Congress - and $4.5 trillion in spending.

Some of us are red, some blue – but all of us are Orange. Before we give any party or politician our vote, here is our condition:

Earn our votes. Stop selling hate. Start solving problems. We have a plan to make it real.  

Who We Are

Orange Together is the first local chapter of a new cross-partisan citizen initiative, IN THIS TOGETHER.

In the OC, our leadership circle includes Tom Campbell, Julie Meier-Wright, Joel Kotkin, Don Bender and Riaz Patel, among others.

At In This Together, we see the constant left vs right or Republicans vs Democrats scene as a danger to our democracy and our way of life. We see it as a danger to our planet and well-being as a whole.

We Are Working With Americans
Across Divides

from both sides of the political aisle, to actually get stuff done again because it is not just our democracy that is at stake. 

Our beautiful environment, both here in Orange County and across the globe is in danger.

Polarization has made it difficult to action what may be the our biggest threat, the climate crisis.

We know that 70% of Americans are ready for common sense solutions to our climate and energy problems regardless of their political affiliation.

So we’re telling top brands & leaders about our community just waiting to support those committed to working on environmental problem solving, and we want to add your voice.

In This Together is Building a Coalition

of 5 Million or 5% of voters nationwide who want to 
identify themselves as Solutions Voters.

We will use their votes and their voices to shift the advantage from polarization to problem-solving, so voters can choose between problem-solver candidates no matter their party. Locally, we are beginning our campaign to build this coalition with 100,000 voters in Orange County and the Inland Empire.

Be A Solutions Voter,
Sign the Petition Pledge Here

Why Orange County and Inland Empire?

The Mission

Connect 5% or 100,000

of us to form a citizen base of problem-solvers –  campus, church, civic, spiritual, service, business, and activist –  five million nationally, beginning in communities targeted for battle. 

Redirect Our Local Dollars

Away from the political and media weapons makers, toward those committed to bring us together.

Activate the Problem-Solvers

To shift the balance of political and media power from fear and polarization to hope and collaboration.

Prove the Model

First in Orange/IE, with 100,000 problem-solvers

The OC Vision (Nov 2022)

Led by a bipartisan citizen coalition with over 100,000 pledged Problem-Solver members and followers, the people of Orange County have rejected polarizing extremist candidates on both the far right and left, and embraced a fresh hopeful political culture that gave the top two primary wins to Republican and Democratic candidates who championed hope over fear, and collaborative problem-solving over divisive polarization.

Voters now have a choice between candidates offering different solutions to problems, not different people to hate.

The Benefits

A healthy governing majority that works through our disputes and harnesses our differences on behalf of health, equity, and sustainable prosperity for all.

100,000 Problem-Solver Voters registered and pledged by petition by November 2022

A cohesive civic leadership circle and a large identified voter base

Advisory/Leadership council with reps from broad community of middle 70%

Problem-solvers win the top two spots in each Congressional District and Assembly District/Senate District primary 

Impact the dynamics of the primary and general election 2022

501c3 voter education only.  No partisan or candidate campaigning

At minimum metric: 

 Voting shifts to problem-solvers within priority precincts or a specific legislative district where we are highly visible and active

In This Together will be knocking on doors across Orange County this year

As well as operating at College Campuses, Farmers Markets, and other community events to talk to voters about moving Democracy forward again and finding the solutions we need to keep our community thriving.

We would love for you to get involved in any way possible. 

Host an Event

If you’re a resident of Orange County and would like to host a fundraiser or event in the area please sign up here:


If you’re a student or volunteer interested in campaign work, get in touch with us using the button below!:

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