Creating a Community of Political Bridge-Builders & Problem-Solvers

In This Together was created out of the need for solutions-orientated politicians & community leaders across this great nation.  

We are the 70%.
The unheard majority.

political echo chambers

Our ideals are being drowned out due to the exploitation of warriors on both sides of the political spectrum...

... who are being utilized to attract eyeballs, sell ad space & entertain us through divisive tactics resulting in a distorted public option.

We do not hate each other as much as we think we do.

In This Together is a growing community of free-thinkers with diverse backgrounds, party affiliations & political objectives who are ready to  come to the table to work on commonsense solutions. 

Change Democracy Environment

It’s time to come together to solve our country’s problems.  We are ready to work hard to find solutions for:

Curbing Climate Change

Corporate Environmental Responsibility

Defunding Politics

Improving Our Public Education System

Providing Healthcare Access to All

Growing the Middle Class

Demilitarizing Police Departments

Net 0 Carbon Economy

Are you ready to become part of the first 5 million supporters we need to start making a difference in elections? 

Help us ensure we have at least 2 solutions-oriented presidential candidates in 2024.

Sign the
Declaration of Interdependence