Energy Innovation Action

Our mission is to recruit 100,000 Solution Voters for Energy Innovation in strategic states and communities.

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The Problem : America seems more polarized than ever, leaving us unable to meet threats to our future

A major cause is the way campaigns are fought and won – with negative messages that demonize adversaries and stoke the deepest fears of voters, to divide the right and left. But beneath the surface, we are not nearly as divided as we seem. Nearly 7 in 10 voters from right to left find common ground if they engage. The challenge is to unite the two halves of this supermajority.


The issue that most consistently unites us is the environment. Conservatives and liberals see the issue from different perspectives. But large majorities of both prioritize clean air, water, and energy, and healthy oceans, forests, and climate.

Unifying theme

Energy innovation can mobilize this bipartisan supermajority. As a policy set, it can drive an orderly energy transition to a broadly prosperous net zero carbon economy by mid-century. As a political cause, polls show it speaks to both the right and left, with 86% combined support. Conservatives see it as friendly to markets and prosperity. Liberals see it as a path beyond carbon-intensive fuels. Both can be right. An energy transition founded on innovation can unite Americans and our institutions behind a combination of technologies, incentives, and policies that feature.


from rooftop solar and vast arrays, to windmills, hydro, and geothermal.

Natural Gas

With methane leaks plugged, a huge step beyond coal.


Shifting from gasoline to electric vehicles, for example.

Next Generation Nuclear Power

With costs and wastes contained.

Sustainable Agriculture

From your garden to the global supply chain.


Recycling and internalizing externalities, for example.

Digital Disruption

Zooming to meetings rather than flying is just the start.


With big public and private investments in new technologies.

Carbon Capture & Storage

From planting trees to advanced tech.

Polluter Pays Principle

So it’s cheap and easy to be green.

Carbon Dividends

To citizens and tax cuts to innovators.

Triple Bottom Line

Targets that drive 3% to 5% or greater annual gains by consumers, business, and government - enough to reach net zero carbon by mid-century.

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In This Together for Energy Innovation Action

Under the banner IN THIS TOGETHER, Donor Roundtable members are launching Energy Innovation Action to recruit our first 100,000 energy innovation champions by this November.

The recruitment drive will identify, at a granular level, precisely which voters respond best to the Energy Innovation case, using a sophisticated predictive model developed by Charles Munger Jr. and James Fisfis.
The 100,000 voters will be recruited by integrating online, direct mail, campus, and community outreach. We will reach and educate Energy Innovation voters across partisan lines, and determine how these specific voters could decide future primary, general, or ballot elections.

The findings will empower Energy Innovation and other Solution Voters to be electoral tie-breakers, shifting the balance of power from partisan extremes to broad bipartisan majorities.

Based on these and other results, we will chart a course to recruit five million environmental problem-solvers by 2024 – a bipartisan community of active voters big enough that politicians and business leaders will find it compelling to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.