Join The 2021 Donor Roundtable

The In This Together Donor Roundtable is a community of high net worth individual donors from across the political spectrum who prioritize collaborative problem-solving over divisive polarization. Our mission is to defund fear and hate-based campaigns – to shift our funding from battles with each other toward solutions with broad support. Founded and hosted by Trammell S. Crow in April 2019 with co-founding donors Jay Faison, Leigh Teece, Andy Sabin, and Bill Shireman, it is a “by invitation only” opportunity to network with influential leaders across philanthropic, political, and business to leverage innovative outreach to achieve real impact.

Donor Roundtable members support the overall mission and objectives of the In This Together campaign as well as serve on the Action Teams that operate targeted solution programs ensuring they are aligned and accountable, and that resources are properly dedicated to charitable, educational, advocacy, or electoral purposes with our guiding principles of No Enemies, No Denial, No Excuses, No Delay.

Leveraging the Donor Roundtable membership and influence, current members may also invite prospective members to join with an annual membership fee of $50,000 to Solution Citizen, Inc., and a recommended contribution of $5,000 to our bipartisan partner, Energy Innovation PAC.

Benefits of membership

  • Monthly virtual networking opportunities with other Donor Roundtable members and updates on the status of program and impact from the In This Together campaign.
  • Annual in-person Donor Roundtable meeting which will include an annual campaign update and networking opportunities with high net worth CEO’s, entrepreneurs, elected officials and NGO leaders.
  • Seat on Action Team(s) of interest which will be key in design and implementation of priorities and impact targets for In This Together.
  • Access to the Solution Citizen predictive model and the Citizen Data database with 250+ million contacts to create an influential Solution Citizen base in support of our goals.
  • Recognition as a Donor Roundtable member in our annual report, on our website and in key outreach communications.

What solutions do Donor Roundtable members support?

Currently funded cross-partisan priorities include protecting the environment (clean energy, climate, oceans), healthy immigration policy, and reforming democracy. Other priorities include education reform, social equity/supplier diversity, and criminal justice reforms. 

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