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How In This Together plans to use your political dollars to enact commonsense cross-partisan solutions:


We pull money away from the hyper-polarized two-party system

Now, it is used simply to win elections for the team of choice rather than place the most promising candidates in each position of office.

By pulling money & attention away from the major two-party system as it is, we can work together to find commonsense candidates with well developed platforms at the primary level so that voters are given two amazing candidates to chose from come election day.


Informing the public in how the two-party system is equipped to continue governmental inaction

With the current lack in diversity in robust databases compared to those used by the DNC & RNC.

Along with Citizen Data, In This Together is building our own database to connect with & engage pragmatic, solutions-oriented voters. Learn why investing in database diversity is so important by following along on our social media pages.


We Fund "Purple" Media like AllSides

We need more media sources that are transparent and truthful, highlighting good deeds done in the moderate's space

Fund the creation of informative content from sources like AllSides that teaches the masses about how the two-party system must be defunded in order to improve our democracy & ensure our environment is protected.

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