Climate of Unity

Our Climate of Unity work brings together politicians from across the political spectrum, organizations, consumers, and corporations, to enact commonsense changes for the protection of our planet.

Our strategy will activate the power of the consumer to pressure brands & retailers to adopt commonsense environmental practices, ultimately putting pressure on suppliers and lawmakers.

To do our part in supporting common sense solutions, we are:

Our Pledges

Running campaigns to garner and show support for our Climate of Unity related pledges, including to reduce plastic waste and the 30×30 Protection of Nature Policy. 

Polling Efforts

Supporting national deliberative polling event to show the American people’s ability to come together across the political spectrum on issues like climate change.

Our Partners

Connecting with and growing our partner network to optimize the hard work being done across the nation to enact common sense environmental initiatives.

Our #ClimateofUnity Pledges

Take action TODAY by signing one of our Climate of Unity pledges:

Reduce Single-Use Plastic

Single-use plastics, or disposable plastics, are used only once before they are thrown away or recycled. ​We produce roughly 300 million tons of plastic each year and half of it is disposable!
30x30 pledge

30x30 Resolution to Protect Nature

Show your support for the 30 by 30 Resolution to Protect Nature and join us in protecting 30% of the world’s waters by 2030. Sign the pledge and join others like you choosing to be part of the solution to our nature crisis.

Power of X

The Power of X is the power that individuals and organizations can unlock when they work together to find common sense solutions, instead of working in silos. This power, combined with our ten critical environmental initiatives, will give the In This Together community the momentum we need to effectively problem solve and create positive change.

Polling Efforts

In This Together supports Deliberative Polling efforts on climate and energy policy issues.

The Deliberative Polling methodology (developed by the Center for Deliberative Democracy at Stanford University) has been demonstrated to reduce polarization and increase civic engagement across 114 applications over 30 years in 27 countries.

This Fall the Stanford Center for Deliberative Democracy will be conducting a Deliberative Poll specifically on the topic of Climate and Energy Issues. 

We are eager to see the results and will report on them when they are available.

Your Support Is Crucial

Sign our pledge today to start using your buying power to make broad & effective changes to our environmental practices.


Host a Conversation on Climate of Unity

Our partners Living Room Conversations hosted a fascinating chat about the topic of climate change and how we can approach it without using a doom and gloom narrative.

Want to have your own conversation? Download your own free conversation guide from our partner Living Room Conversations.

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Our Green List

Check out our list of brands, policies & politicians who are enacting commonsense environmental practices.

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