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ranked choice voting

Why Ranked Choice Voting Makes Sense

Ranked choice voting or ‘ranked voting’ are terms used to describe any voting systems which include the option to preferentially rank candidates. Ranked voting schemes go by many names, including “preferential voting”.

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what is a lobbyist

What is a Lobbyist?

We’ve all probably heard the word ‘lobbyist’ thrown around the news, but exactly what is a lobbyist? And why is it important to know?

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In This Together United States Congress Senate What Are Earmarks

What Are Earmarks?

Earmarks are provisions inserted into a discretionary spending or appropriations bill that directs funds in a very specific way, circumventing the typical allocation and process.

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Saving the environment for future generations

A Price on Pollution

California, along with eight other states, sued the Trump administration last month over the EPA’s decision to stop requiring companies to monitor and report air

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