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environment festival

Why Environmentalism Needs a Human-centric Approach

When it comes to climate-related economic issues, news narratives typically focus too simplistically on the trade-off between protecting the environment and prosperity. Make money OR save the planet. Run a successful business OR protect our environment.

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air pollution

Is Bottled Air A Reality We Could Be Facing?

“I’m just stepping out for some fresh air.” How many times have you said that in your life? It’s likely that you were referring to spending a few minutes outside, but what if we told you that in your lifetime it could have a whole other meaning?

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eco anxiety

Eco-Anxiety: Climate Change is All Around (and Inside) Us

We all know by now the effects of climate change on our physical health, like respiratory problems, heat and weather related conditions, infectious diseases and so on. If we’re going to talk about our health, then we have to include our mental health in that category, after all, mental health and physical health go hand in hand.

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Let’s End the War and Save the Planet

We are an endangered political species—pro-environment fiscally conservative Republicans. We embrace the radical idea that freedom, prosperity, and a healthy environment are not just compatible, but inseparable. And we need your help.

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