Conservatives have REAL Climate Solutions

Help pro-climate Republicans drive carbon to Net Zero in a generation, while we keep America strong, prosperous, and free.

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They are ALL dedicated to problem-solving, not polarization.

We need real climate solutions. Conservatives have them.

Human-caused climate change is a fact. But some proposed “solutions” would make things worse.

Human-caused climate change is a fact.

But some proposed “solutions” would make things worse.

Conservatives know how to protect our air, water, and land, protecting creation without sacrificing freedom, justice, prosperity, or security. 

From Lincoln and TR, to Nixon and Reagan, to the landmark wilderness act signed by President Trump, this is our table.

But too many conservatives have stepped away from the table. And too many culture warriors on both sides have pushed us away.

Now we’re back, for good.

Human-caused climate change is a fact. The carbon we spew into our atmosphere acts like a blanket that traps heat, and drives up average temperatures globally.

It’s time to remove the carbon blanket. But how? Some proposed “solutions” make things worse, by shifting too much power to big government and corporate cronyism.

To drive carbon to Net Zero in a generation, and keep America strong, prosperous, and free, please heed the wisdom that conservatives bring:

What's wrong with a Green New Deal

Many progressive activists think we need a Green New Deal with a powerful central government to ban fossil fuels and mandate a sustainable economy powered by solar and wind electricity – with “guaranteed” high-wage jobs and “free” health care, college educations, and housing for all.

Sound appealing? To some, yes. But conservatives know these promises are worse than empty. Simple-minded absolutist agendas end disastrously in the real world, whether pushed by authoritarians on the right or left.

Progressives may have good intentions. But their “guarantees” would drive prices up, export jobs, harm the poor, penalize the working and middle class, sap our freedom and prosperity, and weaken America, shifting global wealth and power to Russia’s and China’s oligarchs and authoritarians.

Meanwhile, global emissions would soar, since these government-run economies are 3-5 times as carbon intensive per unit of production as ours.

Conservatives support real climate and energy solutions. Pragmatic solutions that create prosperity, and spread it broadly, by systematically reducing the economic, social, and environmental costs of living.

From right to left, 7 in 10 informed Americans support these pragmatic solutions. Let’s get this done.

Here’s what conservatives support


An “all of the above” strategy that empowers citizens to choose solar, wind, hydrogen, nuclear, and low-carbon oil and gas, with carbon capture, tax cuts, and price signals that internalize environmental costs so Americans can make choices that benefit us all.


It’s simplistic to shut down American energy production and exports, and hand the global market to Russia, China, and Saudi Arabia. Our economy is 3-5 times more carbon-efficient than authoritarian states like theirs.


We’ve let too much power slip from local citizens and small businesses to government elites and crony capitalists who think it’s their job to run our lives for us, at our expense. Engaged citizens and small local enterprises are the heart and soul of American democracy. We need power restored to individuals and communities.


To some progressives, innovation means hoping a miracle will save us. They prefer the “certainty” of rigid mandates and earnest promises by government. But their confidence is misplaced. Free people and real prices are the most powerful ways to cut carbon emissions, and take a soft path to a more resilient, prosperous, circular economy. Digital innovations have the capacity to transform our economy and culture from an industrial-era consumption machine propped up by massive government spending, to an innovative economy that empowers people to create value that lasts.


When it’s free to pollute, we get too much of it. When we privatize prosperity but socialize the costs, we raise barriers to creative, innovative solutions that drive waste toward zero. We need clean tax cuts and price signals that give everyone the incentive to cut waste wherever they have the choice.


Hunters, fishers, farmers, and ranchers were America’s first conservationists. They’ve learned that nature is our most reliable guide to sustainability. Nature has had four billion years to fashion the systems that create and support life. When we’re responsible stewards of nature’s bounty, she supports us through epochs of hunting, gathering, farming, ranching, making, and learning. Now hunters, fishers, farmers, and ranchers young and old are leading the way to regenerative agriculture while engineers and scientists learn how to grow a sustainable economy, and artists, makers, and creators grow a richer, more meaningful, and more connective culture.

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Americans don’t have to trade away freedom and prosperity to protect life on earth.
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