Can Social Media Marketing Build Brands by Bringing People Together?

Do your ad dollars help divide and polarize the country?

You don’t mean to. But if you market on social media, that’s the default click model. It can be good for sales, short-term. But it’s bad for business. Bad for everything. There is a better way.

Introducing the

Media Group

A new digital communication model has the potential to end-run the polarization that so divides the country, and reboot social media marketing, for good.

The new model generates high returns for advertisers and brand-builders

Not by dividing Americans into combative cultural silos, but linking them together in healthy interdependent communities. Rather than amplifying extreme voices on opposite sides of the culture war, the new model connects with the middle majority, the common sense 70% of Americans exhausted by politics, and eager to find pragmatic solutions as a community.

IN THIS TOGETHER is a new media and communication collaborative that directly reaches this middle 70% of Americans.

98 million voting adults of the silenced majority...

Their common sense cross-cultural values, through a family of media partners who speak with rather than to them, and inspire what’s best in all of us, rather than triggering our worst impulses.

We create communities that build brands and solve problems

By advertising and marketing with IN THIS TOGETHER’S media partners and allies, companies benefit from third-party messengers and connected communities who champion positive steps to depolarize America and foster a healthy environment and democracy.