Lauren Boebert & AOC

We’re holding Lauren Boebert and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez accountable

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Here's the truth

Boebert and AOC each have millions of fans who give them money
– BUT EVEN MORE MILLIONS of anti-fans who give money to stop them!

That’s right.  Boebert and her fellow Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene are the symbols who raise MORE MONEY FOR DEMOCRAT power brokers than Nancy Pelosi. And AOC and “The Squad” are the symbols who raise MORE MONEY FOR REPUBLICAN power brokers than Mitch McConnell!

That’s the secret.

This war isn't BETWEEN
red and blue America.

red and blue America.

Political power brokers divide-and-conquer America's governing majority

 They use digital media to trigger our fear and hate.  Then while we’re busy fighting, they take our $4.5 trillion federal budget, and auction it off to vested interests, for profit.

This is real.  It isn’t just on one side.  It’s on both.  

It’s a bizarre reality. But because we understand it, we can change it.

OVER 98 MILLION of us are common sense Americans, trapped in either the red or blue silo, aghast at the toxic polarization, and blaming most of it on the other side.

We’ve identified 374,553 of these common sense voters in Boebert’s district, and 243,790 in AOC’s.  We’re educating every one of them to hold their representatives accountable to put solutions on the table – not showboat bills that divide Americans, but pragmatic solutions that unite us.

To reach our goals, every one of us needs to recruit more to escape our silos and join the heard.

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