What Can We Do To Cross The Partisan Divide?

Take the Purple Pill - Purple Media

Film maker David Hoffman has been very concerned about the partisan divide. To him, it looks like an extreme version of what he experienced in 1969, when 50% of Americans were for the Vietnam War and the other 50% were against it. Families broke up. Friendships ended. It took years for these horrific partisan feelings […]

A Price on Pollution

Saving the environment for future generations

California, along with eight other states, sued the Trump administration last month over the EPA’s decision to stop requiring companies to monitor and report air and water pollution during the coronavirus pandemic.  How did we get here? Why does a republican administration feel it is politically advantageous to halt environmental reporting during a pandemic?  Why […]

An Excerpt from In This Together

How Republicans, Democrats, Capitalists, and Activists are Uniting to Tackle Climate Change and more The pandemic that changed our world appeared just as we were finishing this book.  It shifted the profit center of politics and media from President Trump to COVID-19. It woke us from idol worship and demonization and focused us on each […]