It’s Not Always Hard Being Green: A Soft Path to Sustainability

natural gas

Despite massive growth in the market for wind and solar power, the global share of fossil fuels versus renewables has stayed relatively constant, and carbon emissions hit an all-time high in 2018 and 2019. Perhaps the popular philosopher Kermit the Frog was right when he reportedly said, “It’s not easy being green.”

The Power of X


Most activist campaigns focus on one group and one cause, competing with other groups and other causes for scarce funding. It’s time we got together.

Why Environmentalism Needs a Human-centric Approach

environment festival

When it comes to climate-related economic issues, news narratives typically focus too simplistically on the trade-off between protecting the environment and prosperity. Make money OR save the planet. Run a successful business OR protect our environment.

Let’s End the War and Save the Planet

We are an endangered political species—pro-environment fiscally conservative Republicans. We embrace the radical idea that freedom, prosperity, and a healthy environment are not just compatible, but inseparable. And we need your help.

Two Halves That Make Us Whole

e pluribus unum

Both conservative Protectors and progressive Liberators believe in the motto inscribed on every dollar bill: E Pluribus Unum—out of many, one.

The Difficult Transition

the difficult transition

Reality is beginning to dawn even on leaders of the establishment. The political media machine they work for may keep them in power for the time being.

Fractal Friends Podcast Episode

The goal of Fractal Friends is to amplify voices for transformation, and I want to get these messages shared far and wide. In this conversation we talk about our political system and how it is designed to be ineffective, encourages us to be divided and fight with each other. We talk about how our this system […]

A Word on the Virus

a word on the virus

It could have been just another kind of flu, virulent and deadly, then gone. But in this world, at this time, the virus revealed our weaknesses.