Ambassador Program

At In This Together, we believe that everyone is a problem-solver and we all have a role to play in putting solutions over polarization. We call them ‘#SolutionVoters’. Join our crew and help educate, inspire and lead others to take action against the extreme echo chambers of our current American political system.

Are You Ready to Become an Ambassador?

Why It Matters

Our country has never been so divided, and we can’t make progress on crucial issues because we’re too busy disagreeing with each other. We need to connect the 70% of Americans that already agree on issues like the environment, education and democracy reform. We are not enemies. We are one big family with differences to work through. Polarization is the real enemy.

What You Will Do


The first step to changing any behavior is through education. As an ambassador, you’ll be explaining political and environmental issues that can affect their lives, why they should care and what they can do to help.


You’ll be inspiring others to care about their government and environment through your own creativity and uniqueness! The goal is to attract others and get them involved.


Our ambassadors are on-the-ground leaders who will be encouraging their community (online or offline) to participate in common-sense solutions. You’ll be at the forefront for making real, impactful change.

Your Benefits


Earn rewards by participating in our monthly challenges


Be the first to learn about new initiatives and grass-root campaigns.


Get In This Together merchandise at a discounted price.


Make a real difference in changing our country and world for the better.


Join an exclusive community of impactful ground breakers.


Have access to some of the largest organisations to share your ideas.



You have to be deeply passionate about finding common sense solutions for our biggest problems, and want to share that passion with others.


We don’t set a minimum number of followers that we require. What we do ask is that you have an engaged community of followers who you can make an impact on.


Our Ambassadors are asked to spread the word about In This Together in innovative ways. By spreading our message of problem-solving over polarization, we can start to make real changes in the world.