Dear Lauren Boebert and Adam Frisch: 

Who is the
real problem solver?


The Challenger


The Incumbent



We’re pragmatists who can work through differences when we talk

Do-Nothing Extremists don’t speak for us.

We’re Coloradans with Common Sense.

Half-Red, Half-Blue, and a mix of the two. 

The divided majority.  The Silenced 70%. 

There are 374,553 of us in Colorado’s CD-3.

Yet you may not hear us much.  

Power brokers like it that way. 

They keep us divided, in separate media echo chambers.

They drown out our voices, by amplifying our extremists.

They send us into battle, against each other.  

While we fight, they take our money and power.

But no more. Now we’re IN THIS TOGETHER. Pragmatic common sense problem-solvers. And we’re here to take back our money and power.

Here are six honest questions for you:

Will you put your party’s power first, or America first?

Will you tell us who to fear and hate? 
Or how we can all make America great?

How will you help us protect our freedom?  Our prosperity? Our environment?

How will you do all three, at the same time?

Is electoral fraud real?  Is it caused by gerrymandering?  Closed primaries?  Ballot manipulation?  Voting machines?  What action, if any, would you take?

Is climate change real?  Is a significant cause the burning of fossil fuels?  Do you care much about it?  What action, if any, would you take?

When you answer, ignore the media manipulators and the power brokers.

 Forget the clickbait and the soundbites. We’re done with them. Tell us what you believe. We know there’s no perfect answer. Give it your best shot. We give extra credit for trying.

This is NO “got you” quiz.

  We’re asking you to get us.  Hear our voice.  Not the loud-mouth lunatics right and left.  The pragmatic common sense majority.  Answer our questions.  Earn our votes. 

We will tell all 374,553 of us what you say.

Then they will decide.