Our Ocean’s Last Chance

Show your support for the 30 by 30 Resolution to Protect Nature and join us in protecting 30% of the world’s waters by 2030. Sign the pledge and join others like you choosing to be part of the solution to our nature crisis.

sylvia earle

“No water, no life.”

- Sylvia Earle, Marine Biologist

The world’s oceans are being decimated.

Our coral reefs are oases for ocean life, but face threat from mass bleaching caused by climate change.

By 2050, the oceans could have more plastic than fish.

The 30×30 initiative will help maintain global biodiversity and defend against the climate crisis.

By pledging your support, you can make the 30×30 policy to protect 30% of oceans by 2030 a reality.

What is 30x30?

An initiative to protect at least 30% of the world’s oceans by 2030. This is achieved by being good stewards of the ocean, using them responsibly, and enhancing and supporting their diversity of life. In 2020, only 8% of the world’s waters were under healthy stewardship. By respecting natures limits, scientists and conservationists have stated we can protect the abundance of the oceans, curb mass extinction, address climate change and protect industries that rely on this precious living system. People are part of nature.

Why do we need to protect ocean life?

• 70% of the Earth is covered by ocean.

• 80% of all life on Earth lives in the ocean.

• Every second breath comes from the ocean.[1]

• For billions of people, it’s the main source of food and jobs.

• Supports US$1.5 trillion in global economic activity [2]

Without a healthy ocean, we can’t have a healthy planet.

The ocean isn’t only blue...

Saving the oceans is one area where Congress agrees.

Both sides of the aisle advocate for the cleaning up, preservation and protection of our oceans.

From New England to Florida, fishing communities are at risk of dying out from warming waters and the collapse of ecosystems.

In 2018, the bipartisan Save Our Seas Act was signed into law, which boosted the federal government’s domestic and international response to plastic waste polluting our oceans.

Protecting our oceans is an area where we have found common ground to create problem-solving solutions to climate change.

How to Take Action

You can directly impact the success of this initiative by using your dollars and votes to support brands, politicians and policies that are backing the 30 by 30 Resolution to Protect Nature. Support brands who are actively championing the initiative. Encourage state legislatures, such as California’s 30×30, to increase protections for species, land and water. Visit, volunteer and support your local marine protected area – and actively advocate to create and defend these areas.


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