Over Half of Kids Think Humanity Is DOOMED If We Don’t Act Soon Enough to Stop Destroying the Environment

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The world is not ready for the coming implications of climate change. A new global survey reveals the high level of concern many teenagers have about climate change. Nearly 60% of the young people stated they were very concerned or extremely concerned.
The earth’s population is living in fear of a future without natural resources and climate change. More than half (56%) think humanity will be doomed if we don’t act soon enough to stop environmental destruction, with 45% admitting that their feelings about this issue have impacted how they live on an everyday basis.
One 16 year old teenager stated that the destruction of planet Earth is personal. In interviews, two thirds reported feeling sad and anxious about climate change; many felt fear or anger towards humans who they saw as their main cause for this crisis.
Who carried out the survey?

The survey was led by Bath University in collaboration with five other universities. It’s funded by the campaign and research group Avaaz, so they say it is a huge undertaking – 10 thousand people aged 16 to 25 responded!

Many of those questioned perceive that they have no future, and that humanity is doomed. Many feel betrayed by politicians who are failing to respond adequately in times like these—a global pandemic has caused society’s collapse as we know it.
Government betrayal
In the face of inaction from governments, young people are feeling more and more confusion. They have become aware that environmental fears will affect them for years to come if something doesn’t change soon enough – and they’re right because chronic stress is increasing mental health risks with each passing day as climate change worsens in severity every year without relief in sight.
Young people are particularly affected by climate change because they’re developing psychologically, socially and physically.
“This shows eco-anxiety is not just for environmental destruction alone, but inextricably linked to government inaction on climate change. The young feel abandoned and betrayed by governments” said lead author Caroline Hickman from Bath university.
She added: “We’re not just measuring how they feel, but what they think. Four out of 10 are hesitant to have children.”Governments need to listen to science and not pathologize young people who feel anxious.”
The authors of the report, to be published in Lancet Planetary Health, say levels of anxiety appear highest where government climate policies are considered weakest.
For example, Portugal is the most worried nation in Europe, with wildfires ravaging its landscape.
“It’s rational for young people to be anxious. They’re not just reading about climate change in the media – they’re watching it unfold in front of their own eyes.” said Tom Burke from the think tank e3g.
One teenager answering the survey said “I don’t want to die, but I don’t want to live in a world that doesn’t care for children and animals.”
Defund Hate
The authors believe that climate change and its effects on the environment should be considered a human rights issue by governments. Six young people have already taken the Portuguese government to court arguing this case, which they’re calling “cruelty under human rights legislation.”
The survey was carried out by the data analytics firm Kantar in five countries: UK, Finland, France, US and Australia. It’s under peer review on open access which makes this collection a great resource for anyone interested or involved with research projects.

Young people were asked their views on the following statements:

– People have failed to care for the planet: 83% agreed globally

– The future is frightening: 75% of all participants agreed that our planet will be a very scary place to live if we don’t take action now

– Governments are failing young people: 65% agreed globally

– Governments can be trusted: 31% agreed globally 

It might not seem like much at first but every little bit counts when tackling complex problems such as climate change or ocean pollution; let’s make sure our leaders know what matters most so they can put everything into effect right away without delay.

You can join us in the fight against climate change by supporting politicians, policies and commonsense solutions for the environment.

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