In This Together’s Year in Review

A lot has happened since we first launched a year ago, and there’s still plenty to come and a lot of work to do!
To start, we wanted to go through all of our incredible accomplishments:

1. Our team has grown. 

We’ve pulled together an incredible team of leaders, donors, fundraisers, thought-leaders, content creators, digital and media experts, grassroots organizers, and researchers to help pull together the vision of a unified United States where the 70% of problem-solvers that are out there are actually HEARD, and where government, citizens, businesses, and activists work together to actually enact common-sense solutions.

2. We’ve created an ever-growing central hub for all of our activities at

3. We’ve built an incredible partner network. 

Turn on any major news outlet and you’ll feel certain that there isn’t anyone out there capable of working together. Come into our ecosystem to be exposed to the vast network of problem-solvers out there doing incredible work.

4. Our co-founders Trammell S. Crow & Bill Shireman have attended events and tapings, spreading the word about In This Together

– Shift Music Festival with Bill Shireman, Dr. Jane Goodall, Deepok Chopra & More
– Climate Changers Podcast – ‘In This Together’ with Trammell S. Crow & Bill Shireman
Fractal Friends Podcast – ‘Healing the Political Divide’ with Bill Shireman
Political Climate Podcast – ‘How a Group of Billionaire Donors Want to Reshape US Politics’ with Bill Shireman & Trammell S. Crow
Purpose, Inc. Podcast – ‘Bringing Purpose to Politics: In This Together’ with Bill Shireman & Trammell S. Crow
Heal Our Division Podcast – ‘Climate Change: Caused by Political Division?’ with Bill Shireman
– Woman’s Place Podcast – ‘The Women’s Suffrage Movement and Effecting Change Today’ with Bill Shireman
Follow the Profit Podcast with Trammell S. Crow & Bill Shireman
– The Joss Collective – ‘Mavericks & Masters: An Interview with Bill Shireman’
– Convention on Founding Principles with Trammell S. Crow
– Business of Giving with Denver Frederick Interview with Bill Shireman
– Interbang Bookstore Event with Trammell S. Crow & Bill Shireman
Berkeley Earth in Conversation with In This Together’s Bill Shireman
– Bill Shireman was the Keynote Speaker at California State University for the This Way to Sustainability Conference – “In This Together: How to Reach – Across the Political and Economic Divide Toward Finding Workable Solutions to our Climate Crisis.”

5. We drove people to the polls with our voting tools and we informed the public about Mail-In Ballots and Ranked Choice Voting.

6. We hosted our Donor Roundtable meetings, engaging donors and thought-leaders who will become critical players in our strategy for creating positive change.

7. We’ve gotten featured in newspapers including the Dallas Morning News.

8. We participated in Instagram Live events including one with our partner organization AllSides.

9. We created video resources, including our Climate of Unity conversation hosted by partner organization Living Room Conversations, as well as our brand new Welcome Video!

But there is still plenty of work to do! Here’s what we’ve got planned for our next year:

1. Providing a way for problem-solvers to easily get involved in the movement in an effective way. 

This includes building processes that will help expose all of our audiences to similar organizations based on interests and abilities. Basically, we need to make sure that anyone who wants to help make the world a better place easily has the ability to figure out where their talents can best be used in the movement.

2. Connecting more problem-solvers to the incredible resources and organizations available. 

This includes digital marketing and advertising – it’s where we can most effectively reach our problem-solver audience at scale.

3. Creating engaging content for problem-solvers that inspire problem-solving! 

We’re connecting with thought leaders in Hollywood and online to create engaging and entertaining content that will help bring the 70% of problem-solvers together and will help us all be better problem-solvers!

4. Going to the people with our grassroots activities! 

In order to save democracy, we need to change voter behavior by teaching citizens how to engage with each other in person again and breaking individuals out of their own media narrative bubbles. We are kicking off our grassroots activities in Orange County and Inland Empire California this year and through the midterm election where we are aiming to identify and pledge over 100,000 Solutions Voters in the region who can sway future elections in favor of candidates who choose problem-solving over polarization and policies that the majority 70% of voters can support.

5. Improving the effectiveness of our partner network. 

As with any non-for-profit movement, there is a lot to be done and not a lot of resources to work with. This is why we’re working on a ‘Best Practices for Problem-Solver Organizations’. This resource will include strategies for working with the social media algorithm that prefers polarization over problem-solving which buries the content of these organizations in the social media space, the best methods for hosting transpartisan discussions, how to reach, engage and retain new problem-solvers, and so on.

How are we planning to do all this? 

We need your help! 

Please become a volunteer or donate today to support the initiatives and organizations that will be essential in fostering common-sense solutions for today and for our future.

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