Eco-Friendly Father’s Day Gift Ideas

In search of the perfect gift for dad or whoever you want to celebrate this Father’s Day? We’ve got you covered! (Please note: Any reference to dads, fathers, papas, padres, he, him, his, etc, etc, includes anyone you’re planning to celebrate this Father’s Day!)

In This Together’s Top Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Father’s Day Gift Ideas:

1. A Break!
Obviously, this is a joke (kinda). But honestly… The last year has been unprecedented (how many times have you heard THAT word over the recent years? 🙄) and we all could use a break from talking politics and pandemics. Be sure you call, zoom or, if you can, go see your dad this Sunday, June 20th and enjoy your time with him! If you disagree on certain things, then don’t engage in those subjects. Every day doesn’t need to be a day to convert others to your own beliefs. Sometimes we just need to celebrate what we have in common.

2. Something that will last
Research options and always choose the most sustainable option, considering longevity, necessity, economic and environmental sustainability. This is what makes a thoughtful gift and it is the THOUGHT that counts!

3. High-quality refillable sustainable pen
While fountain pens are often sold with refill cartridges, you can also refill by using a special converter. TWSBI has a whole Eco range

4. Take a hike
The most valuable thing we can give anyone is our time. Ditch the fancy plans and go on a hike together. Check out this list of national parks to visit in June.

5. A belt
There are some great sustainable men’s belts around – you could even go for vegan leather! This brand sells reversible belts made from recycled material.

6. Eco-friendly BBQ
This model from BioLite transforms from a firepit to a hibachi-style grill NEW BioLite FirePit+ | Wood & Charcoal Burning Fire Pit (

7. Sustainable sports gear
There are some amazing sustainable sportswear brands these days, using materials like plastic bottles, fishing nets and offcuts. You can even get ocean-friendly dissolvable golf balls!

8. An ITT t-shirt or hoody
Our online store has some awesome t-shirts and hoodies with cool slogans. Dad gets a new outfit AND you help save the planet!

9. Get the In This Together book
Co-written by Bill Shireman and Trammell Crow, the book explores how to end climate denial and demonization, and return the environment to its historical legacy as a bipartisan priority.

When shopping for Dad, remember to buy local and support small businesses if you can! They need your help more than ever, this year.

The Worst Gifts To Give Dad This Father’s Day 2021:

1. Coronavirus
Yeah, don’t do that. There’s still a pandemic out there. Luckily, more and more people are getting to spend time with their loved ones. But if you don’t live with dad currently, definitely consider the safest option to celebrate this year.

2. Another Tie!
If your dad is like many of the fathers and father figures out there that already have a full collection of ties, then skip the generic Father’s Day present this year and get him something he actually wants!

3. Throw away gifts
Gifts are better late than never, and they should be thoughtful not just ‘present’ 🎁 😜 Opt for getting papa the perfect gift, rather than one that arrives on time but will ultimately end up in the garbage. 👎

4. Whatever is cheapest
Pay the lowest price and you’ll pay it twice! Stop buying cheaper versions of things that will ultimately end up in the garbage. Every time you consider value along with cost, you are making common sense economic AND environmental decisions. Bit pricier than you planned to spend this year? Roll it into 2 years! (Sorry dad, 2022 you get nothin’!)

5. More Grandchildren
We’re joking here again… and once again, only kinda… Having children is a beautiful joy in life and shouldn’t be missed for those who feel the calling of being a parent. But we should also consider the environmental implications when deciding when to have a family, and how big that family is going to be.

6. Anything DIY
Again, give your dad a break.

Ultimately, the best thing you can give any parent is your time. Your Dad just wants to see you happy and healthy. But if you do feel like your presence isn’t enough of a present, go for something useful, thoughtful and eco-friendly! And don’t forget to reuse any leftover packaging or wrapping paper!

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