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Most activist campaigns focus on one group and one cause, competing with other groups and other causes for scarce funding. It’s time we got together.

In This Together America is a group of over 40 (and rapidly growing) non-profit organizations, each dedicated to finding real solutions to the problems we face, both politically and environmentally. We are banding together to use The Power of X.

What is The Power of X?

There are changes – all of them within reach – that every one of us can make in how we use our dollars and our votes. Changes that can save the world.
Changes that can be made globally once brands commit to them.
Steps that will save the oceans, the forests, the climate and the life of our planet.
Steps that can be taken once we recognize our power as individual consumers working in combination to choose change and drive it through the world’s brands and global economy.

1. Zero Deforestation
Many big brands have now committed to zero deforestation, but have failed to turn rhetoric into action. We must push these brands, as well as many others, to do better.

2. Net Zero Carbon by 2050
Achieving net zero will require fundamental changes in our society and economy. Given the long timescales required to get innovation into individual homes and businesses and the scale of behaviour change needed by individuals, communities and institutions, we must start now.

3. Regenerative Agriculture
Our industries need to learn – or re-learn – how to farm in harmony with nature.

4. Innovation and Digitization
We humans have birthed a set of digital technologies that are an essential ingredient in sustainable, equitable prosperity. Because if we can grow productivity faster than we grow our economy, we can enhance and expand global prosperity, even as we reduce our draws on the fossil fuels and raw materials that lie beneath the surface of the earth—and reduce our destructive greenhouse gas emissions into our shared atmosphere.

5. Sustainable Cargo and Shipping
According to the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) and the International Maritime Organization (IMO), the global merchant fleet is responsible for about 3% of global carbon dioxide emissions, equivalent to the annual emissions of a major developed country like Germany. If no action is taken, they will account for around 17% of global CO2 emissions in 2050.

6. 30×30 Protection of Nature
We can push our politicians, leaders and peers to commit to protect our land and coastal seas. We must enforce this commitment and ensure our government sticks to their word.

7. Sustainable Mining
Despite recent strides and new technology, the mining industry remains unsustainable in many areas. Fortunately, there are a variety of technologies and techniques — both in-use and in development — that the sector can use to reduce its environmental impact.

8. Sustainable Fisheries
Push the most significant seafood retailers, brands, and foodservice companies to catalyze their global supply chains and drive actions to rebuild depleted fish stocks, reduce the environmental impacts of fishing and fish farming, and ensure sustained economic opportunities for fishing communities worldwide.

9. Circular Economy
Based on three principles, the concept recognises the importance of the economy needing to work effectively at all scales – for big and small businesses, for organisations and individuals, globally and locally.

10. JEDI
Improving business with JEDI: justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion. The crucial drivers behind achieving meaningful change and impact.

The ask is simple, powerful and doable – that 5 million consumers ask ten companies to set these ten standards for their suppliers all around the world.
None of these steps are radical or beyond our capacity. None of these steps require that we give up our freedom or our prosperity – in fact just the opposite. Recognizing our ecological and economic limits is a path to freedom and a path to continued and renewed, broad-based prosperity.
These ten steps sound bold – and they are. They are not easy and will take work and time. But we already know how to do almost every necessary action. Some will take innovation, but innovation is what human beings do.

The Big Lie

These ten steps are within our reach, but to succeed, we have to put down the weapons that we are using to battle each other. The choreographed fear, anger and hatred that focuses us on each other, as if by destroying each other we will somehow save the planet. But that is not true. That is the latest big lie. The lie that keeps us battling each other in a political and media business model that thrives on fear – our fear.
There is no real human enemy in this battle. The battle is with an algorithm that generates profit for media companies and political strategists by triggering our greatest fears.

The first step in gaining The Power of Ten is to set aside our bigotries, our fears, and our hates – even those we want to hold onto with all our might. The Power of Ten requires that we work with people whom we’ve been taught to distrust. 

The fact of the matter is there is good reason to distrust those people – particularly the institutions they represent – but we know there are good people within all of these institutions. There are good people in every group we’ve been taught to hate. Groups defined by their race, gender, their orientation, their career, their geography, what they make, what they sell, the part they’ve played in driving the world towards injustice, oppression, environmental deterioration. We have so many reasons to be fearful and angry at one another, but we have one reason not to be – it is destroying us.

Our Power

Polarization is tearing us apart and we are not getting anything done. By joining together, 5 million Americans will gain the power to transform our relationships with each other and the planet, from one of combat and war to one of collaboration and peace – not a passive, surrendering peace, but an active peace in which we all continue to vie with each other as rivals and engage with each other as partners to protect what is sacred and liberate what is possible.
5 Million of us have the capacity to decide every contested election on behalf of problem solvers; to shift every market to the brands and companies who are solving problems and meeting our authentic needs, and to media sources that bring us the truth in as close a form as they can to elevate us. This is our power.

We have all the votes. We have all the money. The institutions that we have created in business, government and civil society are just tools that we created to serve our needs. We don’t need their power, they need ours. And they’ve had it because we have literally given it to them. But no more.

We are pledged to use our dollars and our votes to end polarization and begin solving problems. Join The Power of X. Gain The Power of X. Use The Power of X.

Join the movement by signing our pledge today!

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