Marriott To Eliminate Single-Use Shower Toiletry Bottles From Properties Worldwide

New, large amenity bottles reduce plastic waste while offering guests a convenient “pump” design.

When fully implemented across the globe, Marriott International’s expanded toiletry program is expected to prevent about 500 million tiny bottles annually from going to landfills; that’s about 1.7 million pounds of plastic, a 30% annual reduction from current amenity plastic usage.

“This is our second global initiative aimed at reducing single-use plastics in just over a year, which underscores how important we believe it is to continuously find ways to reduce our hotels’ environmental impact. It’s a huge priority for us.”

Arne Sorenson, CEO at Marriott International

A typical large, pump-topped bottle contains the same amount of product as about 10 to 12 tiny, single-use bottles.

Because tiny bottles are not usually recycled, they end up in the hotels’ trash bins – generating garbage that will never truly decompose in landfills.

Another positive step towards reducing our non-essential single-use plastic waste! 

You can sign make a difference by signing our Reduce Plastics Pledge here.

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