Show Me The Money!

So… It’s been a few months since the Capitol riots. Things have calmed down (sort of) and Biden’s cabinet is getting to work.
However, following the riots, companies such as Citigroup and Marriott are deserting lawmakers who backed Trump’s bid to overturn Biden’s victory. Some of America’s largest companies including Facebook, Microsoft and JP Morgan Chase said they would pull or review political donations in response to the January 6 riots. Several companies even said specifically that they would not give money to Republicans who opposed certification.
These companies’ donations amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars, and could have a lasting impact on future elections. With that in mind, we decided to ask our partners and supporters where they think those dollars should go instead, and it’s safe to say we had some very interesting responses:
“Education. Outreach across the socio-economic spectrum, with not just a STEM focus but an emphasis on bridging the educational divide in resources and opportunities. Additional, a focus in the K through 12th grade level on Civics and Civility, similar to the concepts proposed by Justices Sotomayer and Gorsuch, with a margin also provided for Art and Music in those same grades across all youth. An emphasis on promoting diversity needs to be a fundamental theme.” – Michael
While we agree that the field of education absolutely deserves further funding, we were pleased that we had so many responses calling for nonpartisan action. This truly shows that a large proportion of Americans can agree that, outside of our political echo chambers, we must come together in order to move forward in ANYTHING we do.
“How about a nonpartisan general fund to support equal visibility for all candidates?” – Eric
“I think the pulled political funding should go to the Represent.US organization. The root of all the problems that got us to this point is corruption and propaganda. With its Anti-Corruption Act, Represent.US has the best plan-of-action I’ve found out of all the non-partisan anti-corruption organizations. Frankly though, I think the pulling of funding by these corporations is just a very temporary PR stunt. They don’t really want corruption to go away.” – Sam
“I think the funding can go to clean up our streets. Everyone is talking about the importance of making changes to climate change and taking care of our environment. Sometimes we look so far out and global. But we’re missing what’s right in front of us. I live in the Bay Area, CA and the growing trash on all sides is disturbing. It’s sad, it’s disgusting, it’s neglectful. It makes me tear up everytime I pass by. I’m sure it’s happening in other more metro areas across California and the states as well. It speaks to me of neglect. Neglect for the homeless that live in these trash piles. Neglect for the cities where trash just blows over and lines the streets and gutters. Neglect of the waterways that accept the trash that flows through those gutters. Here is my idea. Something like FDR did to stimulate the economy and get jobs back. and no these aren’t glamorous jobs. But can we use the money and champion prosperity for all in creating a task force to take care of this? These efforts will put people back to work. It will show passers-by and visitors that we care for our people, that we care for our cities. A good way to help really show that we care about the environment, that we care about humans, that we care about where we live.” – Tianna
A country can dream.

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