Fractal Friends Podcast Episode

The goal of Fractal Friends is to amplify voices for transformation, and I want to get these messages shared far and wide.

In this conversation we talk about our political system and how it is designed to be ineffective, encourages us to be divided and fight with each other. We talk about how our this system will lead to the ongoing destruction of our lives and planet. 

We talk about practical ways that we the people can and must take responsibility for fixing this system. It is time for us to realize that we are giving all of our power to the government and to businesses, but that they don’t really exist. It’s all people. 

A key message from this episode is the fact that a vast majority of us are eager and able to find solutions to all of the problems. We talk about complex systems, economics, the future of democracy and the fundamental importance of listening. 

Fractal Friends Link:

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