Energy Innovation Options

energy innovation options

As responsible citizens, from both sides of the political divide, it is our hope that we all want what is best for our planet, especially when it comes to the environment. Without a habitable home we are collectively done for, regardless of our political beliefs; working together is the only smart way forward. Making an ideological point above taking care of the Earth is madness, leading us towards a painful demise.

What does working together look like when it comes to energy and the environment? Both Conservatives and Liberals value and prioritize clean air, clean water, and clean energy sources. Both of these groups want to keep forests and oceans healthy, along with a sustainable climate. If we are looking for the same thing, then we should all be able to get there in a way that makes sense to all of us and our planet.

If the United States has anything going for it, it is the very high level of innovation the nation enjoys. This country has been on the cutting edge of modern thinking, and creating since its inception. Pushing the boundaries of what is possible, then changing course when it becomes clear that a new direction is needed. Therefore, if anyone is well poised to deal with the challenges before us, it is us.

Renewable Energy

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Solar energy will become up to thirty five percent cheaper over the next four years, meaning that solar technology will become more affordable to a wider segment of the population. This renewable energy segment has doubled over the last six years, and will account for 60% of the renewable growth by 2024. 

Wind power is also becoming more accessible in the United States due to additional capacity coming online. Globally onshore wind generated energy is expected to double by 2024 with the US and China at the forefront. 

Hydroelectric power is also on course to increase by at least nine percent as the demand for power increases around the world.

Often overlooked, geothermal sources are also expected to grow by a quarter globally by 2024.

Natural Gas

There are plentiful sources of natural gas in the world, most of which can be accessed at comparably low cost.

Natural gas will continue to play an important role as the world shifts away from fossil fuels in search of cleaner energy sources.

Natural gas is increasingly being used to power the generation of electricity, to power mass transportation, and to provide energy to buildings.

Electric Power

There are so many innovations being made in the electrification sphere for powering our everyday lives.

Cutting edge research is taking place in so many areas around developing new battery technology to power our devices.

There is research underway to produce batteries that use sand instead of graphite with good results so far. A battery that consists of 98% air and made from copper foam is being studied. There has even been a battery that runs on urine which goes to show that there are so many ways to create power without ruining our environment in the meantime.

Next Generation Nuclear Power

Promising progress continues on new ways to provide nuclear power in a much safer way, that also uses much less space.

These new modular reactors are more compact and allow them to be built into networks that allow for adjusting power output with demand.

Carbon Capture & Storage

Every year some forty million metric tons of carbon dioxide is collected from plants in operation around the world.

Once the CO2 is collected it is liquified and stored deep in the ground instead of releasing it into the atmosphere.

Carbon Dividends

Carbon dividends are gaining more interest around the world as a way to help reduce greenhouse gases.

Carbon fees and dividends can impact investment decisions and personal behavior. The use of carbon dividends is an ideal way to reward people by putting money into their hands for doing the right thing by the environment.

Changing the way we power our lives does not have to mean that our current lifestyles are negatively impacted. We can continue to enjoy a high standard of living while at the same time using our natural resources differently. As leaders, it is our responsibility to bring others on board with our approach. We need to make these new sources of power affordable, accessible and sustainable to countries all around the world. We win when everyone wins by adopting our new energy innovation options.

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