Ma Oceans founder Nandita Parker reveals strategy to save our oceans at EarthX event

In This Together Ma Oceans Ocean Preservation

Nandita Parker, Captain & Founder of Ma Oceans, sat down with In This Together’s co-founder Bill Shireman during an event hosted by our mutual partner EarthX. Nandita discusses how she plans to use her experience on Wall Street and building Karma Capital Management LLC, a leader in alternative investments in the Indian Capital Markets, to revolutionize ocean preservation.

Ma Oceans is working to build a One Ocean-Loving Community. This community will use technology to save our oceans. Modern technology will allow organizations to easily collaborate, and to record return-on-investment and impact to help attract big donors & corporate participation.

There are 6 steps that we MUST take to protect our oceans:

  1. Sustainable farms & ranches. We need to rebuild our precious soils and understand their value. Consumers should use the power of the dollar to put pressure on top brands to focus on sustainable farming.
  2. Plastics reduction. We have to eliminate plastic waste in our oceans by massively reducing plastic production. Local plastic recycling & reuse initiatives need to be supported.
  3. Responsible ocean mining. Technology is available that can allow third-party organizations to monitor mining practices, ensuring companies are using sustainable methods.
  4. Improved cargo & cruise ship practices. These vessels dump a lot of materials into the air and water. The oceans are not regulated sufficiently to ensure that the polluter pays so there isn’t much incentive at the moment for companies to do better. The cruise industry is actually leading the way in cleaner practices, and the cargo industry needs to follow this lead.
  5. Sustainable fisheries. We need governments to step in here. Governments need to set the standard. About 35% of the ocean needs to be protected.
  6. Carbon emissions. Not only do these emissions cause global warming, they also cause ocean acidification and ocean warming. Even slight changes in pH and temperature can have devastating affects on ecosystems that are key to the overall health of our oceans and our planet.

These 6 steps will give us the market power & regulations needed to save our oceans. If you want to work #InThisTogether with Ma Oceans, sign our Declaration of Interdependence & join Ma Oceans today.

Together, we can make waves.

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